Cath Lab patient pathways management

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Progress Patients - not problems!

Improving Cath Lab efficiency is a delicate process

Did you know that you can easily resolve most of the issues?
Labyrinth for Cath Labs helps improve:

  • Ward Nursing
  • Lab Co-ordination
  • Clinical Appointments
  • Management Reports
  • Overall Utilisation and Patient safety
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Patient Preparation


Labyrinth has the ability to accurately track and share status for all patient procedure pathways through NHS Trust Cath Labs.

From pre-medication or tests, to recording eating times and additional notes - patient preparation is a smoother process for both Nurses and Patients alike - alleviating additional stress and providing a clear status.

Cath Lab co-ordinators can see status of any and all patients at a glance.

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Gain oversight of Patient status

Cath Labs

Labyrinth tracks and manages the full daily list of procedures, enabling accurate scheduling and a clear oversight in an instant.

Data is imported from the Appointments system and patient progress is updated for all staff in real-time, with a simple mouse-click, eradicating the need to chase information and allowing more time for timely clinical work within the Labs. Patients arrive on time and in the appropriate condition.

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The Cath Lab environment within NHS Trusts is one of the most important to care, for several reasons:

- it represents a difficult procedural environment, with major blockages for staff and patient alike

- many different groups of staff are involved in conducting the process

- there are several risks to safety, due to inadequate information on status

- it represents a substantial capital and revenue investment for the Trust

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The Cath Labs are one of the most expensive investments made by the NHS and represents a substantial revenue source for Hospital Trusts.

However - do you know how effectively it is REALLY used? Much of current analysis is circumstantial, lacking real evidence of how long the procedure process(es) are taking and the actual reasons for cancellations and delays.

If you cannot measure these issues, how can you identify improvements?

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Labyrinth provides seamless and transparent communication across the Wards and Labs, creating clarity on the patient/procedure progress.

Patient data is easily accessible and their progress is clearly tracked, with each stage of the process being time stamped, resulting in quicker turnarounds and ultimately more efficient and effective management of the daily list.

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​​​​​​​MANAGEMENT effective resource for a critical NHS Trust's investment

Dramatically increases efficiency and the number of case completions whilst collecting audit trails for later reporting and analysis of Lab operations - stop wasting time .... start increasing income!

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“Labyrinth saves us a lot of time. We used to spend all day outside the labs, chasing Patients. Now we are free to spend time in the Labs, because the list is managed so much more efficiently.”
Cardiology Services Manager
Guy's St Thomas' NHS Trust
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