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Labyrinth guarantees that there will be fewer delays and cancellations that result from inadequate information sharing across Cath Lab patient pathways. That means less time waiting around for the next patient and fewer nights working late!

Labyrinth allows nursing and administration staff to access the relevant information when and where they need it. This means less opportunity for misunderstandings or missed details, so that when the patient arrives within the Labs, they are ready and not 'almost ready'



Timestamped data on each part of the pathway is recorded and available for any user immediately.

Inevitable amendments can be recorded on the same visual dashboard and a "Notes" tab allows users to add commentary such as Ward remarks or additional Procedure information.

All relevant information on the patient profile and their safety questionnaire is available.



The ability to filter any 'view' allows Clinicians and Coordinators to understand patient status at the various pathway stages very easily, rather than having to piece together the information.  

Clinicians will have a better sense of how their day will pan out and be able to invest more time in patient care, rather than chasing status.

Navigating through numerous sources to find patient data is eliminated due to clearer, readable, visual dashboard of Labyrinth.

Time management


Labyrinth will ensure that your time is not wasted - either in waiting for your patient to arrive, or in chasing around trying to confirm their status in preparation.

We are sure that NHS Trusts do not want to have their investment in highly-qualified clincial staff wasted in pursuing administration jobs!

Lab effectiveness


Timestamps are collected seamlessly, as part of the patient pathway process. This information is subsequently available for definitive reports on every aspect of the experience - allowing management to provide insights to the causes of cancellations and delays.

Objective - Corrective action is then feasible to ensure that such blockages are no longer repeated.

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Lab management issues

Managing applications and allocations can be a time-consuming process - if you do not have the right tools!

Given the scale of NHS Trusts' investment in Cardiology care, it must make sense to provide the proper level of IT support to improve the departmental efficiency.

The cost of doing so is less than 0.1 percent of each Lab's annual income!

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What you should consider

Seamless engagement between all parties involved in patient care -

  • Ward nursing
  • Lab Co-ordinators
  • Clinical support staff
  • Clinicians and Consultants

Hymns are best sung from the same hymn sheet!

"Before Labyrinth, we had to call the Ward in order to find out if a person had been admitted, clerked, had blood tests, or anything else we needed to know. Now it’s all displayed in front of us in one place on the screen."
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