Patient Safety

NATSSIPs safety checklists

Taking care of - Patient safety

Cath Lab procedures are intricate and precise.

Your pathway control procedures need to be so too, requiring a delicate balance of energy and accuracy!

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Labyrinth includes the option to include the full 'NATSSIPs' safety checklists, which ensure the highest standards of patient safety.

These checklists are intended to reinforce status and details of both the Team (and their knowledge of the cases that day within the Lab) and the individual Procedure information for the individual patient.

The checklists are completely configurable with the specific questions and responses required by individual Trusts.

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Patient Safety

The NHS England's NATSSIPs programme covers a wide ranging effort to 'check and balance' the sometimes frenetic energy within Cath Labs, based on the recommended WHO processes to avoid 'Never Events'.

'Sign In', 'Pause' and 'Sign Out' stages are attached to the procedure pathway, to encourage the allocation of time to safety specific activity. The Team checklist 'Briefings' address the broader context of Lab cases and equipment at the start and end of the day.

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