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Do you know what is blocking the efficiency of your Labs?

Labyrinth for Cath Labs identifies the causes of cancellations and delays by seamlessly time-stamping the key stages in the patient pathway, sharing this status and providing precise information for later management reports:

  • ARRIVAL - the daily schedule is imported from your appointments system
  • ADMISSION - Ward Nursing will understand the priorities and status of each patient
  • PRE - Vital information (such as Consent, PreMeds and Tests) is checked before sending to the Lab
  • DURING - Labs can co-ordinate to maximise the efficient use of available time and resources
  • POST - Relatives will be aware of completion and the data collected in their pathway is available for management reports
Patient Preparation

Ward Nursing

Labyrinth accurately and simply tracks all procedures, sharing status instantly.

From pre-medication to recording eating times and additional notes, patient preparation is a source of many cancellations and delays for both nursing and patients alike, potentially causing additional stress and problems for patient pathways.

Nevertheless, circumstances change, so all parties involved need to share this information dynamically. Labyrinth is the system which addresses this need - with real-time communication of patient status, without having to run around or play telephone tag!

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Gain oversight of Patient status

Cath Lab Coordination

Labyrinth tracks and manages the entire daily list of procedures, enabling accurate scheduling and a clear overview of the progress of admissions in an instant.

Data is downloaded from your appointment system and real time information on patient progress is updated with a simple mouse-click, eradicating the need to chase others by playing telephone tag. This in turn allows more time for vital clinical work within the Labs and increases Lab utilisation. Hospital Trust income is therefore improved, with no additional resources and a more relaxed day for staff !

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Lab Efficiency

There is nothing more disruptive in managing the daily list, than finding out that something has been missed in the patient preparation, or that safety procedures have not been properly followed.

Re-arranging the procedures' order takes time and effort, so Labs need a system to easily identify that the patient being sent for is actually ready - increasing the utilisation of Labs with no additional resources.

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Lab Effectiveness

Working from printed spreadsheet or files printouts, and relying on telephone ping pong to share information is actually embarrassing in this digital era! Taking chances with patient safety and wasting time within expensive NHS resources (such as the capital-intensive Cath Labs) is actually inexcusable.

Labyrinth assures the effective use of such resources and guarantees the most effective management of patient pathways possible.

“It used to take the first 30 minutes of the day to prepare the day’s list, posting a manual list outside each of the Labs. As we move through the day, we can now see instantly what is happening in each Lab. We can move patients across the Labs at the click of a button, to share the workload. The information is shared and there whenever you need it, consequently more can be done with it.”
Cardiac Radiology Manager
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