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Labyrinth is a valuable investment to ensure that Cath Labs are performing to their full potential.

By removing the causes of poor administration and communication, real-time insights into the Cath Labs' utilisation can be delivered - leading to a much more effective use of resources.



Labyrinth - for Cath Labs is a specialist software application to manage the scheduling and tracking of patients through their individual procedures and thus improve Cath Lab management and efficiency.

The system presents a 'dashboard' of real-time data at each stage, including factors such as 'Time-eaten', Tests with their Results and Dosage data, which allows Labs and Wards an instant overview of patient status, without the need for telephoning, emailing or speaking to everyone else involved in the procedure from start to finish, in order to manage the process more effectively.

Comprehensive, time-stamped management information is simultaneously collected for subsequent analysis.

Audit data can be pulled from the specialised reporting function that is built into Labyrinth which identifies the causes of cancellations and delays.

Simple and clear-feedback has shown staff need only 15 mins to be trained on Labyrinth  



The ability to analyse and identify gaps in procedures is crucial in ensuring that staff are focusing their attention on the right areas and enabling managers to prioritise where specific improvements need to be made.

The recording of patient pathway details makes it easier to monitor current practice and comply with regulations.

Raw data produced by Labyrinth is available instantly, rather after weeks or months of collation by hand - not only saving staff administration time, but also delivering more accurate, up-to-date reports.

With Labyrinth's ease of use, staff members can be trained quickly and the software can be rolled out rapidly, allowing hospitals and patients to reap the advantages immediately.

Due to the amount of time saved and enhanced use of resources, Labs can take on additional cases generating financial gains potentially in excess of £1,000,000, from more accurate coding.

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The Problem

  • Manual listing and co-ordination of patients from multiple Wards, for a variety of procedures, through several busy Cath Labs, is an exceptionally complex and labour-intensive process so Cath Lab efficiency can be at risk
  • Paper lists and telephone chasing of status results in a lot of wasted time and frustration
  • Patient experiences can be more stressful with un-necessary delays
  • When Cath Labs are under-utilised, the Hospital does not enjoy its full potential income
  • Manual methods make it very difficult (if not impossible) to record audit trails, in the resolution of procedural bottlenecks and inefficiencies, for example
  • Research programme data cannot be monitored adequately and little Management Information is available on Lab performance
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The Opportunity

A major benefit of Labyrinth is the depth of the Reporting system, as Drucker would say,
"That which is measured Improves".


Hospital income for each procedure varies between £1,000 to £10,000 - Each Lab will conduct about 1200 cases PA.
An average income per procedure of £2,000 represents £2,400,000 - for an Hospital with 4 Labs, this is an income of over £9,000,000 PA.

A 5% gain in efficiency – around 1 extra procedure per week - would generate an extra income of £100,000 per Lab PA (£400,000 PA for 4 Labs) AND improve the Patient experience and LOS.

This is a key opportunity for any Hospital.

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Efficient Tracking

Data is downloaded each day from your Appointment system. As each Patient moves through the various stages of their procedure, staff record progress with a mouse-click, logging time and event. Thus Labyrinth tracks Patient pathways from arrival on the Ward, through the Labs and on to discharge, allowing clinical staff to concentrate on clinical work instead of chasing information.

Flexible List Views

One key feature is that staff can view status from many different perspectives. They can select by patients, procedures, admission types, from a Lab or Ward perspective. This allows staff to organise and view all the information which is relevant to their own particular role.

All of the Labs' Day List patients can be seen simultaneously on one screen, with each Lab viewing their own list, in real-time. If a task has not been performed, Labyrinth's dashboard screen will act as a highly visible, immediate prompt.

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Effective Communication

Seamless Contact between Wards and Cath Labs

Labyrinth dramatically improves communication on patient progress between Wards and Labs, by providing details on all Patients and Labs in real-time on one screen - removing the frustrating and time-consuming effort of chasing Patient and Lab status.

Now the List can be run efficiently, with the stress is taken out of the Lab Co-ordinator's role, giving them time to contribute to clinical work. Information collected is available for comprehensive Management reporting.

Cost Effective

We GUARANTEE you will enjoy a significant return on your investment within the first year. More patients can be treated with no increase in resources.

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Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Labyrinth assists staff in busy Hospital acute departments where the numbers of Patients, Wards and Labs mean that Patient pathway status is difficult to update.
Consider the amount of time which can be wasted chasing patients and re-organising procedures! later, there is the work to collect, compile and report on Lab performance levels.

With Labyrinth, you can:
-          Import and Schedule the Day List automatically overnight
-          Track and manage Patient status in real time
-          Communicate seamlessly between staff and stop wasting time
-          Have an overview of all Patients going through each Lab in an instant

Individual team members can work independently with the information they need, viewing Patients by Ward, Lab or Procedure, maximising Lab utilisation.

“It’s well worth it. I don’t want to go back to paper co-ordination; it’s a much more efficient way of working.”
General Manager, Cardiology
Barts Heart Hospital
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