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Taking care of - NHS Trust Cath Labs

Let Labyrinth remove the blockages to your efficiency!

The system has the unique ability to provide the user a complete understanding of all procedures- allowing you to plan, schedule and report on all aspects of your patient pathways.




Labyrinth gives you a complete overview of the status of your daily Cath Lab appointments, collecting detailed information on progress, blockages and delays as part of the routine management of patient status, for subsequent management reporting.

Appointment information is imported overnight from your patient administration system and timestamps with details of each stage of the patient's pathway seamlessly provide real-time status updates and collect the reasons for delays and cancellations.

Labyrinth uses a dashboard screen where patients are shown in rows and procedures are shown in columns. As patients move through the various stages, staff record their progress with a click. The information on screen is continually updated throughout the day. Individual team members can select the view that shows the information they need. Some concentrate on a particular ward, lab or procedure whilst others can see the bigger picture and keep an eye on all patients going through the unit.



With a more efficient reference data base, the ability to plan, schedule and utilise the Cath Labs more effectively is augmented, avoiding significant impact from issues such as emergencies, cancellations or delays - because any amendments can easily be accommodated.

The automated import of the daily list enables the coordinator to concentrate on the flow of patients throughout the labs minimising any delays-maximising the labs utilisation and eradicating the need to pull on resources that would result from manual importing along with chasing down patient records

Work station stress is radically reduced due to information immediately accessible for everyone who needs to know and the detail for which they need thus enabling team members to concentrate on the job in hand without being interrupted updates. Lab Coordinators can contribute to vital clinical work

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Benefits Wards

A whole range of data collection points improves the quality of case information-flow and the safety within the patient's progress -

  • Pre-med information and timings are viewable by all
  • Eating times are easily recorded
  • Administration (admission, consent etc) is 'check-boxed'
  • Status by Patient, Lab or Ward is available in views relevant to each user
  • All time-stamped information relevant to each procedure is clearly presented throughout
  • Qualitative Notes allow dialogue between ward and Lab, without wasting time on 'telephone tag'

In summary, staff are not tied to individually sharing status, but are able to gain insight to all aspects of their patients' care - as an overview or in detail.

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Benefits Labs

Just take a moment to calculate the amount of time which can be wasted chasing patients and re-organising procedures! Then there is the work to collect, compile and report on Lab performance levels!!

Would it not be better if you could:

-          Import and Schedule the Day List automatically overnight
-          Manage patient status in real time
-          Communicate seamlessly between staff members and avoid wasting time chasing around
-          Have an overview of all Patients going through each Lab in an instant

Individual team members can work independently with the information they need, viewing Patients by Ward, Lab or Procedure, without referring to others, with Lab utilisation and ‘up-time’ maximised.

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Benefits Management

A major benefit of Labyrinth is the depth of the Reporting system.
As Drucker would say :"That which is measured Improves".

The Cath Lab suite is one of the most critical investments made by a Trust.

Hospital income for each procedure varies between £1,000 to £10,000 - Each Lab will conduct about 1200 cases PA. An average income per procedure of £2,000 represents £2,400,000 - for an Hospital with 4 Labs, this is an income of over £9,000,000 PA.

A tiny 5% gain in efficiency – around 1 extra procedure per week - would generate an extra income of £100,000 per Lab PA (£400,000 PA for 4 Labs) AND improve the Patient experience and LOS.

This is a key are of opportunity for any Hospital Trust to improve efficiency.

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Data collection

Labyrinth improves communication in two main ways.

Firstly, when a staff member records that a given stage has been completed, this information is immediately available to everyone who needs to know.
They don’t have to go and tell them.

Secondly, the information that staff members need appears on the screen in front of them.
They don’t have to go and ask.


The process

Absolute efficiency is an elusive goal in any organisation - in a Hospital, it is nigh-on impossible!

Nevertheless, there are steps any committed manager can take to improve their organisation, when they are honest about the limitations of their current setup. Bits of paper or printed XL sheets are not acceptable, so far into this digital age.

The cost of this investment is literally a drop in the ocean and extremely easy to implement.

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"The whole process from admission to recovery is logged on Labyrinth. Before we had to call to find out whether a person had been admitted, clerked, had blood tests or anything else we needed to know. Now it's all displayed in front of us on the screen, it saves us a lot of time. "