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Gallery Partnership ... Labyrinth developers

The Gallery Partnership developed Labyrinth in association with partners from major NHS Trusts in London. The system now manages over 15% of patient/procedure pathways across the UK, with customers from the south coast of England, to the major Trust in Scotland.

Each implementation is unique, but clinical Cardiology, Labs and Ward management across the UK all derive substantial benefits from its use:

- Fewer delays and cancellations, due to better communications
- Consistent, current information on pathway status
- Detailed, easy-to-use reporting

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You are...an energetic manager within your Trust Cardiology department, which has difficulty in delivering solid performance improvements and improving the quality of your patient pathways.

Your organisation is forward-looking and eager to adopt the most effective information management practices - as long as they are reasonable priced and not 'vapour-ware'!!

You are looking .....

- for evidence of how to reduce the risk of 'never' events
- to improve communications, so that delays and cancellations become a thing of the past
- to take advantage of modern methods to deliver productivity gains
- for a Partner who provides an adaptable response to your needs, in support of your circumstances and budget

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The Gallery Partnership looks after nearly 200 UK public sector and not-for-profit organisations, listening, proposing and delivering solutions for more than 20 years.

Within the NHS, Labyrinth now supports more than 15% of UK Cath Lab procedure-pathways, within Trusts from the South Coast and in Scotland.

We understand that affordability and reliability are critical issues for our customers, so the investment cost for Labyrinth is significantly below the scale of return - for Patients, Staff and the Trust.

Our applications portfolio also includes:

  • Case Management software
  • Cloud-based IT solutions
  • Grant Management software
  • Online Document Management with Microsoft SharePoint ™

Clinical engagement

Ward staff and Consultants need clarity on patient status and procedure timing.

Too often there is confusion within Cardiology departments, due to inadequate communications, especially when the inevitable interruptions occur during the day:

- the daily list is on an XL sheet, the whiteboard or an 'offline' printout
- changes are made, but not all involved are 'up-to-speed'
- when trying to contact relevant staff, time is wasted on telephone tag or walking around to find staff

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Management engagement

NHS Trust management want to understand the effectiveness of operations in their Department, but too often lack:

- accurate data on which to make their decisions
- the ability to analyse performance properly
- real knowledge of what is happening to disrupt patient progress

Labyrinth provides the means to accumulate a wide range of data points, seamlessly, as part of normal, daily working practice, so that the introduction of more efficient communications and control mechanisms is matched by the long-term assembly on insightful management reports.

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An effective partnership with your service provider demands that they not only understand your daily problems and their solutions, but also listen to your requirements, to configure your software to your particular needs.

We LISTEN 'actively' - spending time to understand not only what our clients are saying, but also what they mean! This enhances the quality of your installation, both now and in the future.

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Gallery Partnership have substantial experience of the processes within NHS Trust Cath Labs - our software now processes nearly 15% of UK pathways.

When we understand your objectives and issues in detail, we use our experience of similar systems which we have delivered, in order to PROPOSE an effective solution for your information management; you can trust Gallery Partnership to get IT right!

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When agreement on the route forward has been reached, it is in both parties interest to deliver and implement the solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. This requires an experienced team, who understand the purpose as well as the specification - Gallery Partnership!

We take our experience and then we DELIVER your solution, configured exactly to your own procedures and specification.

“The Gallery Partnership is a rarity, offering a ‘can-do’, personalised, user-friendly service at a truly competitive price. They, unlike so many other IT companies, do not let technology rule a brief or hamper the objectives – nor do they hide behind geek speak. I have absolute confidence in them.”
Annie Williamson
Guy's St Thomas' Hospital, London
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