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Communicate by default

Labyrinth improves communication in two main ways.

Firstly, when a staff member records that a given stage has been completed, this information is immediately sent to everyone who needs to know.
They don’t have to go and tell them.

Secondly, the information that staff members need appears on the screen in front of them.
They don’t have to go and ask.

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Working Online

This improvement in communication brings valuable benefits.

It eliminates the need to run around chasing or transmitting information to all relevant staff members, so stress within the unit is reduced.

Team members can concentrate on the job in hand without being interrupted for updates. The lab co-ordinator is now even able to contribute to clinical work.


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A sophisticated reporting function was built into Labyrinth from the start.

This has two purposes. Firstly, to produce information for audit purposes and secondly to analyse utilisation of the labs, in order to pinpoint the causes of cancellations or delays.

This in turn enables the team to improve processes and then test how well those improvements are working in practise.

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Time saving

All data is recorded in real time, as the staff go about their normal work - and this brings three major benefits.

- There is little chance of data being lost
- The information available is always up to date
- There is no time spent manually inputting data for audit purposes.

These benefits have been proven to save the Head of Radiology around 3 days of time per month in reporting effort alone.

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Other Benefits

Patients on research trials are clearly identified and their treatments can be audited separately. Labyrinth records dosage entered by the Radiographer, collating it in the Reporting module. This makes it easier to monitor current practice and agree Local Dose Reference Levels, complying with Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations.
It can take the Radiology team up to two weeks every three months to collate this data by hand.

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