A major problem blocking Lab efficiency


Cancellations and delays cause major disruption at all Cath Labs - leading to re-scheduled appointments and inaccurate daily lists.

However, the problems do not stop there. As one appointment is removed, another must be moved up - possibly with a different profile. This has a substantial impact on the utilisation goals, since the new patient may not even be ready for their procedure - impacting staff efficiency as well as Hospital income.

This is a common problem for any procedure within NHS Trusts - the question is "What can we do about it?"

Labyrinth will manage your cancellations

Take action!

The first step is to have a system which can identify the causes and effects of your Lab cancellations and delays. If you are unable to measure the problem, it is unlikely to improve!

This is easier said than done, because staff face substantial pressures to interact with clinical and administrative systems - they do not want another one.

By helping staff work smarter and share their knowledge as a seamless part of the working process, Labyrinth actually saves them time while collecting key information (such as the reason for a cancellation or delay, together with the actual time lost - not a conjecture!).

Communications are simpler and instantly available to all, together with a Management report suite which easily identifies the blockages.

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How does it work?

When recording on a static, remote whiteboard, the information is instantly out-of-date and potentially inaccurate. Certainly, there is no time associated with the record and other, relevant parties cannot be aware of the change.

When an update is recorded on the Labyrinth system, as a seamless part of the daily practice, all Team members can view the new status and understand the patient's progress immediately.

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Where are the savings?

To quote our American cousins - this is a 'no-brainer'!

Labyrinth costs less to implement that the annual income from just one procedure - if the system can improve utilisation by just 1 in the 1000 procedures conducted each year (in an average Lab), it will recover the investment. This is a gain of just of 0.1% !

Putting it another way, an efficiency gain of 1% will deliver a return on investment within 2 months - "You do the maths"!

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How easy is it to use?

Labyrinth can be installed within a month, with users trained and matching your pathway configuration. The system has a very 'light footprint' on both server and network, so demand on ICT resources is also light.

User implementation is also simple - the configuration will match your individual Trust's working practice and thus be easy to understand. As a result, cancellations will be minimised, as staff manage their workflow better.

"The ability to collect delay and cancellation data in a simple manner, as part of the normal operational routine, has allowed us to identify and address the causes very easily. This is continually improving our efficiency and raising Lab utilisation rates - to say nothing about the increased Trust income."